Revolutionary black and white PRIMEKNIT a Grand entry

Samba primeknit was the world's first play barefoot comfort and feel integrated and traditional designs of protective football boots, following its launch, make it turn again, a new mix of black and white color scheme primeknit.

The limited edition shoe uppers from heel to toe for all knitted structure, retains the conventional shoe brings comfort fit like a second skin. Heavy Samba primeknit on football products earlier this year wrote a new chapter in the history of the revolution. Black and white primeknit to further primeknit the vamp to consolidate as one of the most important technologies in the new core, new black and white tones bring fashion update, reflecting the latest trends will inspire fashion fans interested.

Primeknit whole upper will increase flexibility and comfort to a new level, primeknit weaving line provides a traditional sneaker the same stability and strength. Each weave cord through high precision coating, making sure that even in the most challenging conditions, still has good water resistance.

Very advanced manufacturing technology for production of primeknit, primeknit single layer upper with different functional areas to meet different performance requirements, ensure that the primeknit meet all aspects of the game.

Elaborate uppers don't waste any material during the manufacturing process as a whole, makes primeknit a series of soccer shoes and soccer shoes opens up a whole new revolution in the field.

Black and white primeknit today in the Beijing brand Center, Shanghai Huaihai road sign Center "Rubik's cube in the days ",25 CAT Mall for sale. 

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