And actively participate in public welfare undertakings, not only every year in the "Education Aid", "caring for children" and "home rehabilitation" and "committed to environmental protection" in spared no effort to support public welfare undertakings, fulfill social responsibility, (such as 2008, Sichuan Province, Earthquake "in 2010, Qinghai Yushu earthquake in Sichuan, Sichuan Ya'an earthquake in the first time to reach out to the disaster area) in recent years has donated nearly 100 million yuan of funds and materials.
At the same time also continue to explore sustainable public model, in 2013, the United Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, China's largest e-commerce site "Lynx" set up a "One Cares One" commercial charity project, that consumers buy a pair of Anglo- Special shoes, children in poor areas will be a pair of consumers in the name of their contributions to the children's shoes. Donated by the lack of shoes for children is tailored, production, truly on-demand donations, one to one "real-name system of public welfare", "transparent public." In 2013, the purchase of a good one has helped more than 30,000 poor mountain children wear new shoes.
The future, will continue to strengthen the public culture, continue to explore more public mode, to help public health and more healthy development.

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